RAIDAtech Solutions

RAIDAtech is developing a wide range of applications for RAIDA technology including secure cloud-based solutions for customer engagement, communications, financial services, information technology, business operations, education, healthcare and other fields.

Security Tokenization
Tokenizing ownership with a simple, compliant platform to generate investment and enhance liquidity. Learn More...

Goods Anti-Counterfeiting
Providing the best, most affordable authentication technology available for consumables & physical goods. Learn More...

Collectible Anti-Counterfeiting
Stopping counterfeiters with patented technology that protects collectibles & makes trading better. Learn More...

Digital Cash
Utilizing proprietary technology to create superior digital currencies that are scalable, fast & secure. Learn More...

Digital Rights Management
Pioneering information and control routing strategies with AI applications.

Secure Financial Transactions
Creating new, more secure means of trading, protecting and utilizing financial assets.

Privacy For Medical & Consumer Records
Protecting personal privacy while allowing better transmission of information.

Email, Chat & Text
Enabling secure & private communications.

Video & Conferencing
Empowering encrypted, secure video storage and transmission.


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