Outstanding Privacy and Security in messaging
Inner Circle Provides the most secure, private, fast and easy to use email ever created.

Quantum Safe

Your emails cannot be decrypted now or in the future. Your messages are shredded on your computer into 25 stripes. Each stripe is sent to a diffeerent cloud located in different juristictions and run by independing operators. Other email systems rely on encryption that is vulerable to the computers in the future. With thouse other emails, they may be stored on servers and decrypted in the near future when quantom and other technologies become feasable.

Send 2.5Gb

Your emails cannot be decrypted now or in the future. That is 1,000 times bigger than other populare encypted email providers.

Web Based

Works on any Device. Works on cellphones, Desktops such as Windows, Mac and Linux, iPhones. Even Smart TVs!

25 times faster

You can send and recieve email 25 times faster than conventional emails. The bigges bottleneck in email systems is the network connectio to the servers. Since we use 25 servers, uploading and dowloading is 25 times faster.

We can't read your emails

We do not own servers but rely on the GRS (Global Redundant Array of Independent Detectio Agents System) to store all emails in a shredded form. Not even system administrators can read your messages.

Closed System

There are no outside messages in and no insided messages that get out. Spam and Phishing are a thing of the past. Send and Recieve emails only from people you want to.

No Spam or Phishing

Both the sender and receiver are authenticated and the address check against the DNS system. Maleware and message altering would be too diffiuclt due to the shredded nature of the messages accross server Clouds areound the world


Email accounts are $.01 each and are perminant. Sending emails costs roughly $.01 per email and $.01 more per 25Mb of attachments

Try the Test Kit for $6

Includes two accounts, 500 emails, handbook and videos.

Inner Circle

We believe that Inner Circle is the most confidential eamil system in history. It is the first quantum safe email system and does not rely on encryption for its integrity. It leverages the new GRS, a global authentication system that allows us to shred your email and hide the pieces all over the Internet so that no one except the reciever can put the shreds back together again. In order to pay for the system, administrators are paid a GRS based digital currency. This unique payment system allows unaffiliated server administrators all around the world provided storage. InnerCircle help you create and fund your account. There are no usernames and login. Instead, Access Files are used. These files contain twentyfive GUIDs that are impossible to crack. Other encrypted systems may boast that they are located in Switzerland. However, with InnerCircle, your emails will be shredded on servers in Switzerland, USA, India, Australis, Tiawan, Russia, Argentina, Canada, Serbia, France, UK, Germany, Phillipines, South Korea, Macedonia, Singapore and many others. Like the blockchain, the GRS has data supremacy and cannot be brought down by hackers, governments, nuclear bombs or even by InnerCircle or the Inventors of the GRS.


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