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RAIDAtech has exclusive license to develop applications for the provisionally-patented RAIDA technology, a quantum-safe, self-healing, simple, fast and reliable global system for counterfeit detection and authentication. RAIDAtech is a research, technology and Solutions with Services (SwS) company with several core products/services, applications in development and applications in beta.
The company was formed in July 2018, completed its first round of investor funding in November, and became profitable by December. RAIDA technology brings authentication to another dimension and delivers a vast number of new applications.
times faster than blockchain. Capable of at least 160,000 transactions per second. RAIDA grows more efficient as the network grows, while blockchain bogs down & is not scalable.
Three-sextillion times stronger security than cryptography. RAIDA simply cannot be hacked.
times more energy efficient than blockchain. Affordable for users and good for the 


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Secure, private RAIDA mail being tested

Developers have begun testing a prototype for a new RAIDA-based email system. The first version was completed last month, but sent back...

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