Introduction to RAIDA Technology

In a cash based monetary system (such as the US Dollar), we know who the owners of the money are because of something they have: Cash. However, RAIDA Tech realized that it is possible to know who the owners of a money are based on something they know: Passwords.
RAIDA tech developed a “Theory of Perfect Money” which states that monetary systems are information systems and money is data. The three essential ingredients of a monetary system are the same as any information system: Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability.
RAIDA Tech developed a list of the most desirable characteristics of money:
  1. No usernames, accounts or logins for people (Instead the money has accounts)
  2. Must be globally scalable (everyone in the world can use it at the same time).
  3. Must be free to use without fees — extremely efficient.
  4. Must be able to transact day or night all over the world instantly.
  5. Must be difficult to steal and recoverable if lost.
  6. Data Supremacy: Must be 100% available and fault tolerant to hackers, programming errors, governments, natural disasters, even nuclear wars.
  7. Cannot be counterfeited, double spent, rolled back.
RAIDA Tech achieved all these goals by creating a global data structure based on the DNS that we call the RAIDA (Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents). The RAIDA has no systemic risk of failure and is much more secure than the Blockchain.
RAIDA Tech’s first problem to solve was that of “Data Supremacy.” The Blockchain had already solved this problem. But, so has the global DNS system which has 13 root servers located all over the world. We choose to work from the DNS system since it is so efficient, globally scalable and has never gone down since the day it was created in 1985.
The RAIDA was deployed August 2016 and has never gone down. It is made up of 25 Clouds (twice that of the DNS) located all around the world and — like the DNS — controlled by independent administrators. Unlike the Blockchain that allows miners to create new coins, the RAIDA allows its administrators to mine for permanently lost coins Coins that have not been spent for decades.
Here is how it works:
I have a RAIDA Coin. The RAIDA Coin is a file with a serial number and 25 random GUID Authenticity Numbers (passwords). If I want to buy something from you, I will give you my file. Now we both know that passwords. Anyone who knows the passwords can change the passwords. So you go to 25 RAIDA in parallel and change them all. Now, you are the new owner because only you know the passwords.
Because of the speed of light, the system can contact 25 Clouds in parallel all over the world in less than 2 seconds. Here is a sample call to one cloud:
The sn is the serial number. The an is the authenticity number. The pan is the proposed authenticity number (the new password) and the denomination is how many coins the unit represents.
Sample JSON Response:
{  "server":"RAIDA-12",  "status":"pass",  "message":"Authentic: The unit presented is an authentic 1 unit CloudCoin.",  "time":"2016-09-18 15:08:07"}
This is the starting point for understanding RAIDATech’s technology. RAIDA Tech will deliver a digital currency that:
  1. Can process millions of transactions per second. (The highest velocity in the world). Our transactions require less bandwidth, processing power, hard drive storage or energy than any other payment system (Visa, PayPal, Debit Cards, Western Union, Bank Transfers, and even Cash).
  2. Can process world’s entire transactions concurrently. (Most scalable currency in the world). Like the global DNS system that handles billions of requests every day, we can do the same.
  3. Transactions take less than 2 seconds on average (Quickest Payment system in the world). The RAIDA used by CloudCoin requires less than .5 seconds.
  4. System cannot be manipulated, corrupted or double spent by hackers, governments or you (Payment system with the most integrity in the world). Our authentication uses 25 independent and redundant systems located all over the world. No systemic risk of failure. Twice the number used by the DNS root servers.
  5. 100% up-time (Most available payment system in the world).
  6. Requires no user accounts, logins, or user passwords (Easy to use).
  7. No tracking of payments (Most private currency in the world).
  8. No permanent loss of currency (The only currency that can be recovered if lost)
  9. No systemic risk of theft. (Safest Currency in the world)
  10. No transaction fees (Retail micro payments are fine.)
  11. Can “crossover” into video games and virtual reality. (Worlds only Crossover currency)
  12. Can be spent over any time (24/7) and space (world). Could be used to trade between Earth and Mars.


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