The amount of time before a CloudCoin must be re-authenticated (to not be considered lost) has been increased from 2 to 5 years.

CloudCoin has a fixed number of coins that never change. We cannot have permanently lost coins or overtime, there will be no coins. Also, we must have a way of paying system Administrators without charging fees. Lost Coin Recovery is the best method that we could think of.

Lost coins will not be recovered again until March 2022. Cloud People can leave their CloudCoins untouched for five years without worry. On the downside, it means that people who lose their CloudCoins will have to wait five years to recover them. That is until our new instant recovery system is created.

There are many reasons for this change including:

  1. Most of the people who own CloudCoin at this time plan on holding their coins until after the project is completed in March 2022.
  2. The RAIDA has turned out to be thousands of times more efficient than thought so there is no immediate need for the RAIDA Admins to recover lost coins.
  3. We will have the RAIDA Mail system going soon and that will provide a very secure way of instantly returning lost coins.There seems to be overwhelming support for this idea from the CloudCoin Community.
  4. This increase will make CloudCoins more valuable as people will be less hesitant to purchase them for later use.


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