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After much of our time and effort, we release the CloudCoin Wallet. When we started on the Wallet, code named "Advanced Client", we wanted to improve a few things such as the speed of transactions. However, we ended up making improvment after improvment after improvment Now we have ended up with something radically better.
Now we can password protect coins and embed recovery information (This will be used later). The CloudCoin wallet handles 400 notes at a time and can be increased to 4000 in the settings.
The CloudCoin Wallet runs on Windows, Mac and Linux and works uniformily.
The CloudCoin Wallet has a GUI that is intiutive and easy to use. Users can choose between two skins.
Perhaps the biggest improvment is the addition of SkyWallet.
Skywallet is a storage system that is built on a RAIDA to give it datasupremacy. The Skywallet is the first non-crypto ledger to have datasupremacy. Clouds all over the indpendently work to check the authenticy of coins received.
Skywallet provides some very important functionality:
  1. Now CloudCoins can be sent from person to person without needing Email or other file transfer systems. These transfers take less than 2 seconds for most transactions.
  2. The sender of the coins knows that the coins they send are good. The receiver of coins knows the coins that they receive are good and that creates trusted trades.
  3. Skywallet allows for addressing so that anyone can have an easy to remember addres. My Skywallet's address is These addresses will allow us to create greater trust with trading because people have to own the dns domain in order to put their names in it. Now CloudCoin has the best addressing of any digital currency. Compare CloudCoin a addresses to a Bitcoin address: 1BvBMSEYstWetqTFn5Au4m4GFg7xJaNVN2
  4. The change making system is now fully automated. This is something that only CloudCoin has to worry about because only CloudCoin is descrete and has denominations. CloudCoin has now proven that digital currencies can have denominations and are more efficient because of it.
  5. Skywallets make it much easier for us to create liquidity software including exchanges, stores, merchant websites, tokens and video games.
All I want is for CloudCoin to be the best. The RAIDA is better than the Blockchain. Now I think we have a client that is better every crypto wallet. If there is any reason that it is not better I would like to know so we can improve it.
Now we start on making CloudCoin the most liquid currency in the world. Right now, PayPal is the most liquid. They will be a tough act to beat because they have the support of government and they have been around for 20 years. So our first goal has to be to become more liquid than Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Keep in mind that CloudConin has no fees so that already gives us an advantage.
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Thanks everyone for working so hard on the CloudCoin Wallet!


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