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  1.   Stay tuned for the latest SS platform news
  2.   Chat with others and ask questions
  3.   Post emoticons, pictures, videos
  4.   Communicate on any topic (without fanaticism)
  5.   Find like-minded partners
  6.   Participation in tests, surveys, contests, etc.
  7.   Solve technical issues by contacting support.

👌  If you have any questions or technical problems, please contact our support agent:

🥉  @masfaii
🥈  @divijarsenal
🥉  @TabiocaTallino
✅  @TuyenPham
🤖  @CloudCoinSupport_bot

⛔️  Not recommended:
❌  - Insults of others
❌  - Provocative and inadequate behavior

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